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Waywud is a travel network for independent travellers to connect with new friends, discover new experiences and find the best travel deals around.

Waywud was conceived to help independent travellers overcome some of the problems that arise while on the road. It allows travellers to meet other people in their area, shows them useful businesses and services operating nearby, and helps them to find travel deals, tips and events wherever they are in the world.

Umlaut worked with Waywud to help define its brand strategy as a network for for independent travellers, and how it would position itself in the market. A unique, identifiable and playful name was developed to fit this positioning along with a brand mark based on the idea of following your own pathway.

Umlaut advised on key elements of the user experience for the network, establishing a clear information architecture and designing the user interface for the application. Umlaut also created a range of communications and promotional materials to help establish the brand in the market.

Brand Strategy & Positioning
Brand Mark & Identity Design
Digital & User Experience Design
Communications & Advertising