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Solvup is an online returns management platform for electronics retailers.

Developed with leading retailers, vendors and repair agents, it simplifies the warranty support process in-store and solves problems at the store counter. It helps customers to resolve product problems quickly, retailers to spend less time dealing with faults, and gives vendors a complete view of how consumers experience their brand.

Umlaut was tasked with creating a brand identity to introduce this new service to the market that would appeal across the board, to corporate hardware vendors, retailers and their staff on the store floor, as well as end consumers.

The Solvup symbol reflects the concept of returns, replacements and recycling inherent in the business, along with a simple, clear logotype that would reproduce well at small sizes and sit comfortably alongside various retail and vendor brands.

Service icons were developed within the shape of the Solvup symbol, to clearly identify the different options available throughout the returns process, often without the logo itself present, enabling users to clearly understand which service was required while still representing the Solvup brand.

Secondary icons were used in marketing and instructional materials to communicate functions and draw attention to specific tasks within the Solvup process.

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