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Lighthouse is a new content distribution platform for the electronic goods industry that enables vendors and retailers to easily control and share product information.

Focusing on fast-moving, feature-rich and complex products where there is a lot of information to share (such as smart goods, home technology and accessories), Lighthouse provides a data exchange for the industry through content standards, translation and collaboration tools.

Replacing inefficient manual systems, Lighthouse helps its users to save time, improve data integrity, enable more sales and create better customer experiences.


Umlaut created a new brand identity for Lighthouse based on the concept of illuminating vital data in a sea of product information. Along with the core brand mark, an extended visual language was developed to help communicate the value that Lighthouse provided to its users.

Umlaut also designed and built a new website for Lighthouse to explain and promote its services along with a range of other marketing and communications materials.

Brand Identity Design
Digital & User Experience Design
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Communications & Advertising