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Høtel is a pop-up installation by artist Linda Tegg and architect Catherine Duggan that creates a temporary hotel out of a disused office in the centre of Melbourne.

Guests arrive at a nearby location and are given a booklet containing only vague directions and images of the local surrounds. They must make their way through the city, looking for clues, and discover the Høtel for themselves.

Once inside, guests are are presented with individual artistic performances, from music, to dance to poetry, and confronted by a large geometric sculptural form that intersects the space and breaks down preconceptions of what the space is, and what a hotel can be.


Umlaut designed a simple and graphic brand mark to represent the Høtel space with the unexpected angular intrusion into the built environment.

The identity was used on a range of applications including the directions booklet, uniquely bound in wood veneer matching the decor of the space.

The logo also acted as a secret marker, a treasure hunt clue, recognisable only to those in the know, guiding guests to their destination.

After their stay, guests were asked to respond to their experience in writing, which was documented on the Høtel website.

Brand Mark & Identity Design
Web Design & Development
Print & Publication Design
Environmental Signage & Wayfinding